Saturday, 24. February 2018
Meet Anna Buchner, Austrian delegation

My name is Anna and I am from Austria. I was born at the beginning of 2000, therefore I am eighteen years old. I was born and raised in Vienna where I also go to school, to be more concrete an art school. We have four different sectors/tracks: music, ballet, languages and arts. I am going to the last one. Most of the time we talk about art history and modern art and sometimes we visit a museum. Last year our class even went to Tuskany in Italy to paint the vineyards and the landscapes. In my leisure time I meet friends, cook, watch a lot of vines or go out. I love sweetpotatoes, good music (not chart music), French movies and literature. I would love to go to the peace camp because discussing and learning from other people is such an important step to understand different opinions and cultures. In addition a friend of mine also went last year and was deeply impressed